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Federal & Provincial Sites
Government of Canada - Main Web Page
Government of Canada - Canada Revenue Agency
Health Canada Homepage
Government of Canada - Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
Parks Canada - Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve
Tide Levels - Queen Charlotte
Province of BC main web page
Province of BC Ministry of Finance
Province of BC Ministry of Justice
Province of BC - Service BC - Government Agency
North Coast Regional District
Workers' Compensation Board of BC
Royal BC Museum (BC Archives)
Province of BC First Nations Peoples of British Columbia
Province of BC Bait Car program
Drive BC
Province of Alberta main web page
U.S. Geological Survey - USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
Live Earthquakes Map
Natural Resources Canada
Natural Resources Canada ~ Earthquake Hazards Program
The U.S. Government's official Web Portal
U.S. Department of State
United States Founding Documents

Travel Information
Queen Charlotte Visitor Info Centre
Air Canada
BC Ferries
      Vessel Positions
      Northern Vessel Positions
Expedia Cruise Ship Centers
BC Directory
The time zones of the World

Banks / Financial
Northern Savings Credit Union
Bank of Montreal Web Banking
hsbc logo
TD Canada Trust Web Banking
TD Canada Trust
capital one logo

British Columbia Broadband Association
GwaiiTel Society
iFixit is a free repair manual
Drop Cam - home security
Energy Alternatives - solar panels
the Better Business Bureau of Mainland British Columbia
amazon logo
British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority
home electronic technology
dictionary logo
The Canadian Marketing Association
CIRA Certified Registrar   (recommended by qcislands net ltd)
cira logo
ebay logo
National Geographic
MacKenzie Furniture
Abtec Parts - small appliance parts & repairs
generic computer sales - Burnaby
9 to 5 mac website
Apple Insider website
iMore website
Mac Rumors website
NCIX computer sales - Vancouver/Richmond/Burnaby
Tiger Direct computer sales
Computer Shopper

The Home Theater Geek
C K N W  Radio Station
C F N R   Radio Station
Mission RaceWay

Newspapers and News
Haida Gwaii OBSERVER
CTV British columbia News
Terrace Standard
Komo 4 News - Seattle
SpaceFlight Now - online space news
Aljazeera News
The Voice of Free Europe
Isreal's Objective News Source
The Middle East Media Research Institute
HonestReporting: fast-action Mideast Media
tv4all logo
News for Nerds
Virtual Newspaper (many links to news sources)
World Wide News (many more links)
Canadian Online Explorer (many links)
Electronic Newsstand
Media Gossip and Pop Culture

Health and Medical Information Sites
Important Note:Remember, anybody can put a web site on the net. Medical information may not always be posted by credible sources. Always consult with a doctor about information found, or before taking medication suggested on the internet.
The Cancer Fighting Chef
Islands Women Society
Making Sexual Health Easy To Talk About
the Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research
The Blood Alcohol Educator
Eating For Energy - Vancouver's Professional Nutrition Service
Canadian Red Cross
Health Canada Homepage
Health World On-Line
Healthopedia - A Health Encyclopedia
Medsite Medical Search Engine
Women's Cancer Network
The Hunger Site
American Tinnitus Association
National Eating Disorder Information Centre

Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Symantic VIRUS data base
Shakespearean Insulter

Software Updates
Free online virus scan by Trend Micro
Symantic VIRUS data base
spy checker software
AbiWord - Word processing for Everyone
TightVNC - remote desktop software
numion logo
Speed Of Me logoSpeed Of Me - speed test
another website to check how fast your network connection is
factorizer using html5
cat5 wiring spec
FreeBSD logo
w3C logo World Wide Web consortium
World Wide Web consortium web page HTML Validation Service
World Wide Web consortium web page link checker
tek zilla
PC Perspective
Web Pro World
Freeware Nonags   free downloads
cheapbytes logo
Atomic Time   set your PC clock via the internet
web page usability advice
What is my IP number?
DNS and Networking Tools
DNS and Networking Tools
ARIN WHOIS - determine owner of an IP #
Steve Gibson - discussion on ARP Cache Poisoning

Just For Kids
Cyber Tip dot ca
Media Awareness dot ca
name meanings
the etymology and history of first names
Math and Reading help for kids


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