raven dreaming no. 2

raven dreaming

i am the light

3 stamps for haida gwaii

something to do about canada

one thing leads to another


dancing block head

flightless bird

trojan horse

happy birthday cd

in place no. 1

in place no. 2

in place no. 3

in place no. 4

in place no. 5

in place no. 7

in place no. 8

in place no. 9

premonition - the chair

a natural observation

my friend finally had somewhere to put his addictions

all the stories that were not told

being at skidegate landing

bird song

bird house 1

bird house 2

black madonna

budgie no. 1

budgie no. 2

copy for cy

desk piece

equinox sky - winter

father with child

flight from the enchanter

flying v

four days

galileo no. 1 - orbit calculation

galileo no. 2 - orbit calculation

galileo no. 3 - orbit calculation

galileo no. 4 - orbit calculation

galileo no. 5 - orbit calculation

galileo no. 6 - orbit calculation


herring in skidegate inlet

kicking horse


man transporting his addictions

memory stick no. 3 (series 1-12)

passage of the moon

premonition no. 3

standing figure

standing on the ground

surface of the moon

terranaut no. 1

terranaut no. 2

terranaut no. 3

terranaut no. 4

terranaut no. 5

terranaut no. 6

terranaut no. 7

terranaut no. 8

terranaut no. 10

three rainbows, three days


water being

pattern recognition

mother and child



happy birthday - 25

eagle raven with head in stars

haida gwaii - one

Flag - a signal

freedom bird

a quantification of habitat loss

large canvas (small)

two pieces

supported moon

I saw a green sky

twisted cedars at jiinanga

islands you see and islands you don't



yakoun lake schematic

storm warning with anvil cloud

beaver boy

big budgie with beachball

cloud door

feast of the righteous

figure in landscape

five people dreaming on low

flying heart over broken landscape

four meteors

boarded landscape with leaf

leaf cloud (small)

leaf cloud (big)


passage of the moon

rain cloud

sometimes rainbows hold up the sky

taking tea while looking out the window

ten clouds with rainbows forming

untitled landscape

warning at jiinanga

you have your head in the clouds

boarded landscape with field

indigenous data

peopled landscape

weathering man

marked landscape

being a watershed

split rainbow with storm couds

small thing


boarded landsape with trees

standing figure no.1

standing figure no.2

standing figure no.3

standing figure no.4

standing figure no.5


tink, tunk

five salmon