About the islands

Thank you for the cozy place. After a walk through pristine forests and wild beaches it was great to come back and sit in this warm friendly place.

bonanza beach

There are 2 main islands, Graham and Moresby. The paved highway runs from Sandspit on Moresby Island to Masset and Old Masset at the northern end of Graham. It passes through the Village of Queen Charlotte, Skidegate, Tlell and Port Clements.

Queen Charlotte City officially became known as the Village of Queen Charlotte after incorporation in 2005, simply called Charlotte by most locals. Charlotte makes an ideal base to explore the rest of the island. Many of the attractions, beaches and hikes are close by. It’s a ten minute drive from the ferry landing to the Village of Queen Charlotte. The Haida Heritage Centre www.haidaheritagecentre.com is fifteen minutes away. It takes an hour and a ½ to drive the length of highway from north to south. Moresby Island has about 20 minutes of paved highway from the Aliford Bay ferry terminal to Sandspit. It’s easy to explore any community within a day trip. All island communities and surrounding areas have something special to offer.